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Each year, over 400 million markers are thrown out away and end up in a landfills. Markers can never truly be recycled because the wick and nib inside cannot be recycled, and people generally don't take them out. TryGreener is a high school student's initiative towards reducing and re-using that plastic, and making the world a greener one to live in.



We have three goals. 

  1. Help the environment 

  2. Provide customers with a lower cost for repurposable items

  3. Maintain a constant revenue that is just enough for us to keep it running


How It Works

We're starting small first, with dry-erase markers used in offices and schools. We sell these markers, collect them after they're dry, fill them with ink, and give them back to you at a lower than original price. In addition to that, we are in the process of re-fill existing detergent containers that would otherwise be thrown away after use. We give out re-fill sachets so that less plastic is used, and then we'll make sure the empty sachets are collected and recycled properly. In later stages, we will try to incorporate this method in grocery stores with things like egg cartons, milk jugs, and salad bins. To increase our outreach, we need YOUR help. Contact us if you want to make a change and find out more!



Packs are increments of $4.50. If you are a new customer, please email us before you place an order. Contact us for discounts on bulk orders!



TryGreener is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today. We'll get back with you within two business days.


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